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May 28, 2017. In order to send money with Western Union through your Viber app you must have. . You can also send money to someone who isn't on Viber. When you need to send money online, join the 70 million senders and receivers that use Western Union for money transfer needs. It's easy – you can do it in just . Jan 15, 2016. We know how important it is when you need to send money, and with Western Union you can send money to over 200 countries and territories. Wire money easily and securely using Western Union Money Transfer® services. Transfer money to anyone in the U.S. or abroad online or using your mobile . Nov 18, 2005. Western Union, one of the world's most frequently used money transfer. . Person X is wiring money to person Y. The reasons for the transfer . Send money online 24/7 to more than 200 countries and territories around the world with Western Union. Choose the receiver option that is right for you. Send . Jan 16, 2017. Know who you're transferring to. Western Union is a popular way for scam artists to receive money from their victims, so be absolutely sure that . Hello All,. This answers the ways of sending via Western Union till today. Basically, you can use and your friend's information and ID's into the computer- Western Union needs to know if someone is sending money on behalf of something. Send money in person from Western Union locations to virtually anywhere in the world... Send money to an inmate's commissary deposit account using MoneyGram. We make it easy, and funds arrive quickly. Start sending now Send money the fast, reliable way with Western Union. Send money online or at an Agent Location around the world. Official site of Western Union. Featured, Race & Politics I Will Literally Give Someone Actual Money To Attend Dr. Umar Johnson’s Hotepalooza In Brooklyn And Report On It Send money online to Pakistan with Xoom. We offer instant deposits to Pakistani rupee accounts. There are many reasons you would need to send money to the USA or UK and many methods to do it. We've looked at the most common methods to transfer money, like. How do I send money to an inmate? Effective July 1st, 2013, JPay will be your way to send money to inmates in the Florida Department of Correction. Using a Visa or MasterCard Credit or Debit card to send money will attract payment charges fees of 2% (applied to the total transaction amount including money . MoneyGram allows you to send money online quickly and securely. Wire or transfer money online instantly from your computer or mobile device. Send money online now U.S. Bank’s send money service is the fast, safe, convenient way to send money to anyone with a bank account in the United States. You just need the. Comparing the differences between the services – and the fees..