When will leo people get a chance to settle in abroad by jotish in palm

And if she gets Moon as the lord of the seventh house then her husband will be if i would get married to the one i love. please tell if there are no chances, i will be. .. settling here or abroad after my marriage and what kind of family would i get. .. my DOB is 11 july,1990 at3.13 am in Bhathinda.what kind of person i will get. Travel lines, starting from the edge of the palm at the base, are the upward or horizontal. If you have no travel line at all, it usually shows you will seldom go out to travel. 1.. The longer the travel line, the more chances to take a foreign travel. Feb 11, 2008. This portal is dedicated to Vedic Astrology - Vedanga Jyotish,. Malefic influences on 12th house make a person wander from place to place.. . I would like to know that will i get chance to work abroad or travel to other. … my husbandstar is leo will he go and settle down in us permanently with family. If Mountain of Moon is strong they have more chances to settle in abroad. If such people have 1, 4, 7,. People who have weak Mars they can settle in foreign. The life partner of the person may have some traits or his personality is. Sir, can u guide me if there is combinaton of Rahu Sun venus and Mercury in 7th House regarding Marriage life ?. M in abroad is there any chance to settle in abroad ?? sir i m naren my 7th house= with leo ravi,mangal,budh,yuti 5th house = jupiter . Sep 8, 2016. … Mount of Moon indicates success and a chance of settling abroad.. The people with a defined Mount of Moon will have a blessed life. However, according to palmistry, if the mount of moon is absent in your hand, you will lead a life. . The Sun Transit in Leo on August 17 - here's how it will affect your . As per data provided, here's your birth chart as per Jyotish - Vedic Astrology: Here's my.. Job, business - foreign settlement Prediction, planet.. Can you please tell me whether i have chances to travel abroad and how will .. Learn from your palm if you will get to travel abroad, what remedies you can do remedy you can .. .