Jun 14, 2016. The crime that can carry up to a seven-year prison sentence in Qatar. Jun 13, 2016. DUBAI, United Arab Emirates — A Dutch woman held in Qatar for nearly three months after telling police she had been raped there was . Jun 24, 2017. In Qatar, like in most of the Middle East, “zina” laws ban unmarried couples from having sex. Rights advocates say those most likely to end up in . Jun 13, 2016. Doha, Qatar - A Dutch woman who alleged she was raped after being drugged in an upmarket nightclub in Doha was convicted of having sex . Though Qatar sex ratio fluctuated substantially in recent years, it tended to increase through 1970 - 2015 period ending at 306.57 males per 100 females in 2015 . Natives of the Arabian Peninsula, many Qataris are descended from a number of migratory. 5.1 Population; 5.2 Age structure; 5.3 Population growth rate; 5.4 Sex ratio; 5.5 Average life span (Life expectancy at birth); 5.6 Total fertility rate . The latest tips and news on Qatar are on POPSUGAR Love & Sex. On POPSUGAR Sex & Culture you will find everything you need on love, culture and Qatar. Jun 13, 2016. On Saturday, news broke of a 22-year-old Dutch woman who was arrested in March while vacationing in Qatar after she reported being . Jun 26, 2017. What you need to know about the small but wealthy and connected state of Qatar.. .