Posted (Jess) in Uncategorized on January-31-2010

Hey guys if you have any photo’s to up load then please do- it’s a really quick and easy task! You just need to click on the photo up loader on the list on the right hand side of the page and follow instructions!

If you want to see any photo’s which have already been up loaded then click on “Photo’s” and you will see we have already uploaded all of our own photos! We will hopefully be up loading the professional ones also when we get the disc back from eXpressions.

Included in the uploaded photo’s is all the disposable camera photo’s, which I may say didn’t come out in a very high resolution- so sorry about that. We also noticed that quite a few people seemed to be a little out of practice using such old technology and many heads¬†were missed out! lol!

We were impressed by the Ashmore’s table and deffinately have to give them the award for most… creative photo’s! (When I say award, it is unfortunately just a term- we have no actual award)

The link to the short highlights (or Marreoke) video is not up yet, but please do watch this space as it is worth a glance!

If you do have any comments etc then there is a little coments button at the top of this post!

So after just over a month of married life I can safely say so far so good! It was really lovely to get away after christmas and be together just the two of us, and we came back feeling really relaxed and fresh ready to take on the world again!

Love ya

Jessie xxx