Reseted my phone the google account is the same zte max pro

I have a ZTE (Z963VL) and after a factory reset it is requiring I login with a google as I have logged several google accounts onto this particular phone and lost access to. Is there any way to bypass this so that I can again have access to my phone?. Bro, had same exact problem with same exact phone. Dec 23, 2016. Blade X Max. I also reset the apps preferences.. Then deleted my Google account from the phone and re-added the i already had a free version of LookOut app on the phone but don't know if it does the same thing on smartphones as. Owners of ZTE Zmax Pro made a lot of comments on this site. Jan 11, 2017. Hi ​ Where you able to resolve your issue by doing a Factory Reset? when i go to set up my phone with google account it says i must use . Get ZTE ZMAX 2 (Z958) support for the topic: Reset Device. Find more step-by- step device tutorials on My Zmax Pro is running smoothly with only one "bug": sometimes my phone to urgent giving my ZTE max pro phone. . and purchase Cash on delivery.. I have used the same SIM in my LG G4 and both the phone and the card work fine.. .. to remove the google account, reset the phone and add the google account again . Back up apps. From the Home screen, tap Apps > Settings > Backup & reset. Tap Back up my data to turn on. Tap Backup account to choose the Google account to back up information to.. The file will be exported to the Contacts folder in the phone memory. Use the file manager to copy the file to the SD card. I did a factory reset last night and so far I haven't had any issues.. Once it's off hold the power and volume up button at the same time, once you see the. I finally did a factory reboot in hopes of fixing my ZTE Z-Max Pro from. . I think what we should do is google "ZTE Zmax Pro" and write about this phone's issues in as .. NCK Dongle is dongle protected software that gives you unlimited unlocking Code Calculation software. Standalone direct unlock software !! NCK Box is the next evolutionary step in direct unlock support By NCK Dongle Team. With NCK Box you can take full advantage of all the Direct Unlock features and more. My phone is doing the exact same thing. I talked with both Verizon and Samsung reps (in person) and they all state it is a Google security issue. Hi, when you have problem with your security protection, then you can try to recovery it with Google account or Gmail username and password. Try to do several time..