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Feb 8, 2015. I've come to publish a C.I.D. story of mine.. Few fights occur every now and then , but all partly available to spend the night with the opposite sex.. .. the job but since Purvi and Shreya were her role models she'll turn up fine. Apr 8, 2015. Purvi is having breakfast. meanwhile Kavin entered n sat beside her. Purvi glared him. Kavin passed his super cute smile. Purvi in anger:dant . Sep 2, 2015. I love the story with all my heart but I've been noticing one thing that even when. So please woman stop thinking that women are a weaker sex.. Sorry Rajat yeh bht hi confidential ha hum tumhe nhi de skte,Purvi replied . Aug 23, 2016. Actress Ansha Sayed, who is seen as Dr Puvi in the hit TV serial CID, is in a vacation mood. The actress is seen holidaying with her girl friends . Apr 21, 2016. Story; Writer; Forum; Community. Abhijeet climbed the spiral staircase of the CID Bureau taking two. 'Sir I think Daya sir hasn't arrived yet' said Purvi.. . ' Honestly Shreya that was the most passionate sex I have ever had in . Dec 26, 2014 purvi: kavin muje samajh nahi aa raha k mein ye wala pink long frock. . ho ge, mein kuch nahi kroga. pyaar ka matlaab sirf sex hi nahi hota. Apr 21, 2014. A/n: Hii my friends ! I'm back with a new story. so here is a new story. I'm depicting my feelings through the leading ladies of CID.. Ab tk: We saw how Shreya n Purvi beated up Mohan n his brother. What happened after .. .