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Mundo narco execution

Apr 2, 2016. Mexican cartel execute a a taxi driver who work for rival cartel. In Mexico , a man was executed by mexican drug cartel.. we do not know the . Jun 3, 2012. CDG Cartel Members Execute Two Loz Zetas in Ciudad Victoria, Tampaulipas.. In the video, a group of alleged Cartel Del Golfo (CGD) members, driving around in a. . Mexico drug gang hushes killings with news blackout . Nov 10, 2016. 17yr old woman beheaded by cartel members as retaliation for the execution of Commandante Gallo. Screaming, begging, and soiling of pants . Nov 13, 2016. The video opens with the cartel giving the captives a chance to say their final words. Skip to the 3:05 mark to see the graphic execution that is . Feb 22, 2013. MEXICAN FEDERAL POLICE ARRESTED TODAY AN IMPORTANT DRUG CARTEL LEADER IN TAMAULIPAS, MEXICO. A drug cartel is any criminal organization with the intention of supplying drug trafficking. They are allowed to carry out low-profile executions without permission from their bosses. Drug lords (Spanish:. … Mundo Narco. Jump up ^ "Cártel . A disturbing video surfaced of two Mexican soldiers torturing a female cartel member during questioning, both are now facing military charges.. el vídeo fue subido a la red con el titulo: “El Comandante Diablo y Rey de Reyes Acabando con los Zetas“. En este se puede ver a cinco miembros de Los Zetas This is a horrific execution video, that begins with a man alive and tied. His torture begins with fingers being sliced from his hand and then decapitated live. Aquí esta el vídeo de la narco ejecución de Manuel Mendez Leyva publicado originalmente por Blog del Narco. fue miembro de "los negros" un cartel de droga.. A video of the execution of two alleged members of the Cartel de Sinaloa was brought to my attention a couple of days ago, but I chose not to show it. Two grim. The Mexican Drug War (also known as the Mexican War on Drugs; Spanish: guerra contra el narcotráfico en México) is the Mexican theater of the United States' War on. It’s Mundo Narco with their watermark overload again. But other than that, the video is pretty significant because one of the executed women is the infamous Crazy. Mindspark Interactive. Help Uninstall EULA Privacy The timeline of some of the most relevant events in the Mexican Drug War is set out below. Although violence between drug cartels had been occurring for three decades. Desde los orígenes, la humanidad ha tenido que hacer frente a una cuestión fundamental: la forma de preservar y transmitir su cultura, es decir, sus creencias y. I don’t know why Mundo Narco feels the need to go complete ape fucking shit with watermarks on their videos, but other than that, it’s a good one..