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Sep 6, 2014. With the advent of independent presses, delving into online comics can be just as much fun as burrowing through your local comic shop used . Cherry (originally Cherry Poptart) is an erotic comic book about a sexually adventurous. Ronnie — A boy with a "tuff" car on whom she performed oral sex so she could drive (and subsequently wreck) the car. Joey — A sexual partner who . January 26, 2017 • The CW's new show takes the sunny, optimistic teens of the classic Archie Comics and drops them into a re-imagined hometown full of sex, . Dec 10, 2014. In the vast, digital sea of gadget review blogs, Erika Moen's website has two things that set it apart. First, since she's an artist and cartoonist, . May 26, 2017. Nonetheless, romance comics were hugely popular during the. 1948, prompting a widespread interest in love and sex (Hajdu 159); and adult .. .