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Biochemistry, BSc (Hons) degree course at the School of Science and. You will also have the option to undertake a 12-month paid work placement in your third year.. Our first class facilities enhance the quality of our education and push the the best laboratory teaching facilities for Bioscience and Chemistry in the UK. To serve the needs of students who have a strong interest in chemistry, but who ultimately plan. Chemistry Majors and Honours students take a chemistry- intensive program. 1st Year. CHEM 101, 102. MATH 100, 101. 3 units of 1st year Physics medical school requirements (biology, organic chemistry, physics, etc.) . In addition to providing a path to the BSc General Degree, this program of study of interest, select carefully their first-year core courses in accordance with the . A student planning to complete the B.S. major in Biological Sciences should begin a first course in chemistry during the first semester of the freshman year. Information about BSc (Hons) Biomedical Science at Nottingham Trent University . pathology; histopathology; clinical chemistry; microbiology; haematology of the underlying principles of biochemistry, molecular biology and physiology.. . Across the three years you will have approximately 500 hours of laboratory . The Bachelor of Science in Chemistry (B. Sc.) with Specialization in caters to students having a strong interest in biology and biological chemistry by incorporating biologically-related lecture and laboratory courses. Many students in this program plan to attend medical or dental school, but a. First Year – Credits: 30-37. BSc Chemistry offers you a three-year degree programme. The first two years follow a core structure, which allows greater flexibility in the third and final year. The Bachelor of Science with Honours (BSc(Hons)) is designed to develop advanced. BIOC 461 Research Design and Analysis in Biochemistry; BIOC 462 Molecular Biology; BIOC 463. CHEM 461 Topics in Advanced Chemistry. .. The degree may be awarded with First Class Honours, with Second Class Honours .. .