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Xfinity box not working.. flashing us ds

Forum discussion: Soln: The problem was the cable from the street to the house got damaged somehow when the cable was dug in-ground. I saw some kinda similar posts relating to my problem but mine is slightly different . My wifi network itself is on but the us/ds light will blink. The main lights you want on the typical Comcast/Xfinity modem would be the “ Power”. It is the fastest and easiest Way To Fix Comcast/Xfinity issues. *The Support. US/DS stand for Upstream and Downstream. If those are . the problem is the internet connection. Ask the one who. The xfinity box has 3 lights working power, us/ds is flashing, and WiFi light is on. I've noticed that the US and DS buttons on the modem are blinking,. .. previously addressed but my problem is the US/DS Light is blinking, . Aug 9, 2016. If the modem's ONLINE light continues to blink for over 45 minutes after the POWER, DS, and US lights are solidly on, this indicates that there is . Wait for it to lock up [US and DS lights solid, online light solid.] router at all at the moment yet the Ethernet light on it still blinks non-stop. Scenario: You get home from work and discover you cannot get online to box that was provided by your internet provider, there are usually 4 lights on that box. two are flashing(usually us and DS, which stand for upstream and downstream ).. Check to see if your online, if not remove the Ethernet cable from the modem  .. This might be a stupid question, but it's been bugging me; Does pushing the WPS button on an Xfinity Router disconnect all devices previously connected to it? I don't. How To Program the Silver Comcast Remote. I recently wrote a tutorial on how to program the Comcast remote that comes with the little black box that was required. My 55″ TV displays flashing and distorted colors on all channels. This happens even when the channel or volume overlays are on the screen. This issue did not slowly. Save on Comcast Digital Cable TV, High-Speed Internet and Home Phone Services. Enjoy entertainment your way with great deals on XFINITY® by Comcast. Purchased my own modem, TM822G to replace Comcast rental unit TM702G. Installed and provisioned about four weeks ago. HSI and voice have been working fine, all speed. Please check the subscribe box. Please enter an email address. Please enter an email address. Please enter a valid email address. Emails do not match. The lights on the front of your modem can help you determine whether it is operating properly. The most important lights are the ones that show whether the unit has. ISP discussion forums, broadband news, information and community. provides easy to find states, metro areas, counties, cities, zip codes, and area codes information, including population, races, income, housing, school. If any of those lights are not in the "usual" pattern of on and flashing, remove the power plug from the back of the modem and wait about 45 to 60 seconds then plug..