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Receive money at an agent location, into your bank account or mobile wallet - you. Bank account: Ask the sender to send direct to your bank account — they'll  . Jan 15, 2016. When you need to share your love or receive a much-needed gift, there is nothing better than Western Union. Our company has been doing this . Receive your Western Union money transfer in a bank account, as cash for pickup, or loaded on a prepaid card. Choose the way that is best for you. Receiving money is easy with Western Union. Find out. You'll need the name of the person who sent you the money and the tracking number (MTCN). Top. With Western Union Money Transfer® services, sending and receiving money is a breeze. You can send money to virtually anyone, anywhere. And the funds are  . Know who you're transferring to. Western Union is a popular way for scam artists to receive money from their victims, so be . Send money online 24/7 to more than 200 countries and territories around the world with Western Union. Choose the receiver option that is right for you. Send . Find answers to frequently asked questions about the Western Union money transfer service. How do I send money with Western Union®?. Receiving money.. *1) Network data As of June 30, 2015. In certain countries, the send-money service is not available, and customers can only receive money. *2) Funds may be delayed or. Using a Visa or MasterCard Credit or Debit card to send money will attract payment charges fees of 2% (applied to the total transaction amount including money . Send money internationally online on or with Scotiabank or BMO using their online banking service. Visit a Western Union® agent location near Kabul, Afghanistan to send or receive money fast. Western Union® is a quick and reliable way to send or receive money in. U.S. Bank’s send money service is the fast, safe, convenient way to send money to anyone with a bank account in the United States. You just need the. The Western Union Company, a global payments company, announced Wednesday (May 10) that it has activated its 40th transactional website, now providing full. Visit a Western Union® agent location near Los Angeles, United States of America to send or receive money fast. Western Union® is a quick and reliable way to send. There are many reasons you would need to send money to the USA or UK and many methods to do it. We've looked at the most common methods to transfer money, like. Use Western Union to send money online or in person to friends and family around the world to more than 200 countries and territories from the United States. You can send or receive money via Western Union from Post Office. This is a convenient and the fastest mode of sending or receiving money worldwide – money can be..