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. is a social network established in Sept. 2011 especially for all lovers and friends of fetish & BDSM. To find out more go to Surgical Castration: The surgical removal of a male's testes. Its preferred that this is done by a certified medical doctor. In any case the method involves 1-2. The Mistress prepared Farm Slave Boy for his day’s work on the ranch. It was a hot day and the Mistress knew that the work would get the boy hot, sweaty and horny. slave dog wonders why owner is in hurry Owner: keep up boy, I am running late and I need to get you to the blacksmith. She says she needs a few hours at least to. Testicle Mutilation & Castration. Mistress Sadome walked adjusted her black leather bustier as her enormous breasts nearly popped out. She adjusted her firm, smooth. Eunuchs A eunuch is a castrated human male -- that is, a man who has had his testicles removed. The term eunuch can also refer to a man whose penis and testicles have. winter castration It is winter castration time on one of the slave dog breeding farms. The slave dogs birthed n the farm that have not been sold to slave pet stores. Castration Stories. Female supremacy stories about superior women who castrate men to reduce their libido, humiliate them and force males to be sexually impotent. Do Males Deserve Castration? In response to the question: How should a man be treated? How inferior are males in comparison to females, dogs, rats, and other animals?. Brutal femdom mistress threatening to castrate her pesronal CBT slave..