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How to continue using whatsapp on symbian phone

Jun 14, 2017. WhatsApp will end its support for old Nokia and Blackberry phones on. 7+, or Windows Phone 8+ if they wish to continue using WhatsApp. Jun 23, 2017. WhatsApp just changed its mind about BLOCKING your old phone from the latest. BlackBerry 10, Nokia S40 and Nokia Symbian S60 until June 30, 2017.. Although users will be able to continue using WhatsApp until the . Today I have brought to you how you can continue using whatsapp on banned device even after whatsapp stop its support. Its simple tricks to . Jun 21, 2017. Which means you can continue using the popular messenger app in your Symbian S60/S40 phone until June 30, 2017. This information has . Jul 13, 2016. WhatsApp offers end to end encryption on these feature phones as well. After December 2016, users who want to continue to use WhatsApp . Jun 15, 2017. WhatsApp support for Nokia S40 & S60, and BlackBerry OS will. Users can upgrade to a new device or platform to continue using WhatsApp. Feb 26, 2016. When we started WhatsApp in 2009, people's use of mobile devices looked very. Phone before the end of 2016 to continue using WhatsApp. Dec 3, 2016. While some iPhones and Androids will not be able to use WhatsApp in 2017,. Nokia S40 and Nokia Symbian S60 will be supported for another 6 months your phone number on the new device to continue using WhatsApp.. Can I find someone on whatsapp with their phone number because they sent my girl a text then removed themselves when I sent them a voice mail?. Free Download of Whatsapp messenger for different devices. Want to know which is the best WhatsApp spy app? We compared the 4 best tracking apps for iPhone & Android. Learn how to spy on WhatsApp messages. Imagine: You’re having an important WhatsApp call or conversation and then your battery is running empty. Or your phone is broken. WhatsApp, the popular instant messaging service, is also available on Windows Phone smartphone. The only requirements to install and use relate to the version of the. Earlier this week WhatsApp turned seven years old. It has been an amazing journey and in the coming months we're putting an even greater emphasis on security features. WhatsApp Messenger is a freeware and cross-platform instant messaging service for smartphones. It uses the Internet to make voice calls, one to one video calls; send. Just last year, we shared that one billion people around the world use WhatsApp every month. Today, we are excited and proud to share that one billion people around. WhatsApp has revised its end-of-support dates for several platforms, adding 18 months of support for Nokia S40 devices. But Windows Phone 8, BlackBerry OS and BB10. WhatsApp support for Nokia S40 & S60, and BlackBerry OS will officially end on June 30..