Toogle mod 3.0.147 for mini militia

Jun 28, 2017. Toggle Mod LIVE COMBO v33.0 - Added Support to Mini Militia v3.0.147. This Toggle Mod version 33.0 supports Mini Militia version 3.0.147. Toggle Mod LIVE COMBO v35.0 - Splendid Features - Advanced Magic Ultra Speed, Fixed All Game Crashing and Game Hanging Bugs - Mini Militia 4.0.11 . May 30, 2017. Make sure to install the original Mini Militia game binary from the. … Please update the​ mini militia toggle mod app for latest version 3.0.147. Mini Militia-Unlocked Pro Pack,Speed hack,Range Increaser,7x Zoom,Bullet Speed Hack,No Reload,Unlimited Ammo,Flying Power,Toggle Mod Download, One .. .