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. Just pics I've found on the internet. None of them are mine. Adults in diapers. part of the DailyDiapers family. I am open to genuine conversations and will happily talk to anyone using the new tumblr messaging. Gay / Bisexual ABDL. Either the Well Was Very Deep - Alice in. abdreams: ABDreams.com and LittleForBig have partnered together to bring you ABDreamland.com – an online marketplace for quality ABDL/Ageplay products at low prices. Jeune français passionné d'ABDL et de fessée cherche toujours son/sa fesseur(se) dans le sud de la France !! En attendant bonne visite dans la galerie de mes. Technically, she's my older sister. But when we were growing up, she was always a little smaller than I was, always a little slower, always a little less mature. I am a 35 y/o gay male in broadview heights, ohio. I am a DL. i am looking for friends that are gay and also looking for gay males that wear diapers. message me if. A Day in the Diapered Life of Adrian Surley. June. Those in the ABDL community are not interested in. Hi and welcome to my blog! I am incontinent, 24/7 diaper. fantasticdiapergirl: Please, reblog my photo in your blog, Now, thanks. .. Gracias a todos, ya falta poco para llegar a 1.000 like Little Little Wanted To Help Daddy Cook Some Breakfast, But Just Couldnt Control Her Little Tinkle..