Homemade meth pipe light bulb

May 18, 2006. The lightbulb could be used to make a homemade vaporizer, which does way,, dont get cought doing this, cuz itsd how you make meth pipes. [Editor's note: the lightbulb can break during construction - wear gloves! Glass straws are. . Got meth?? MoN3yb4Gs. You'll have the money for a quarter a week, and even a $10 pipe from the flea market. If you insist on . Oct 20, 2014. Standard Tweaker Protocol : Simple Meth Pipe from a lightbulb Most tweakers already know this, but this may be useful to anyone who smokes . totse.com - Making a Good Meth Pipe - How-To make a good pipe for smoking of flame which is a lighter blue); a light bulb (normal sized bulb, xmas light bulb, . This is for a school project concerning meth: 1) Take a light bulb 2) How do by saying that the best way to smoke meth is with, wait for it, a Meth Pipe. to glass seal and it will slide right off, making for a VERY clean edge. The method and practice to smoke meth using a home made light bulb.. This is very similar to smoking meth with a glass pipe, however, since glass pipes are. It is not a simple process to prepare the light bulb, however, once prepared it is . well in swims xp he lightbulb gotta be a decent size and swim alwyas uses xlear ones no coating inside. take pliers and rip the metal thing off.. or alternative routes of administration, ghetto style. ;) Yes, this is a stupid and pointless post but I’m in the mood for stupid and pointless posts. DIY Hollow Out A Light Bulb. When I was growing up I had a keen interest in the sciences. Mostly because of the cool gear that scientists used, you know, beakers. How to Smoke Meth With a Light Bulb? This is very similar to smoking meth with a glass pipe, however, since glass pipes are not always available, sometimes, a light . All about Smoking Meth, a guide to smoke meth with tips and tricks right here. A rich resource of information all about methamphetamine. Designed for users and none. Discussion on how tin foil is used in smoking crystal meth with replies from recovered meth addicts. 6) Paper Roll Pipe You will need: · A paper role (paper towel, toilet paper, wrapping paper tube) · I recommend using a bowl for this, as it isn't nice to smoke. Fill the tip with tobacco and light it, then inhale from the other end of the pipe. You'll likely need to hold the pen slightly above your head, lighting it and. "Tik": Crystal meth in Cape Town. 13 June 2008 - In Cape Town, South Africa, crystal methamphetamine use has exploded very quickly. Known locally as "tik," the drug. How to Make a Tiny Terrarium in a Light Bulb January 27, 2010. Inked by april. Ahoy there Hipster Homers! I’m Julie and I’m the very first guest blogger on this. How to Smoke Meth With a Glass Pipe? This is the simplest way to smoke meth as all you need is a glass pipe. Notice that the glass pipe has a hole on top to place the..