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Aug 7, 2014. You can now make any Medium image into a clickable link. “Image Links” is published by Medium in 3 min read. Shota grew up in an orphanage but he does not care about it. When he. He was a classmate of Shota previous year. They both. Add a photo to this gallery . PROTIP: Press the ← and → keys to navigate the gallery, 'g' to view the gallery, or 'r' to view a random image. undertail. But /ss/ means straight shota though. 0. Straight hair is dull, no offence to the admins with straight hair. Koharu, maybe I just don't like hair parted down the middle, but she looks tacky to me. Saki, the . A link somewhere on the Internet sent you to this page. It may refer to one of the following: Lolicon and Shotacon: For the term "lolicon". Comedic. Mar 20, 2010. … By Owner Oct 1, 2011 Hobbyist Photographer. ss is short for Straight Shota witch is where a girl *ahem* does it, with a mutch younger man. Where characters look like little TEENs when they are teens or older. Explore Anna Phan's board "Sawako x Shota - Kimi ni todoke" on Pinterest.. Todoke) She is me in the anime and manga world, except I don't have straight hair . I don't like that he's wearing a suit. I wonder if you could orphan the jacket and make it into an outfit with some gray slacks OR get a tighter hoodie or thin sweater .. /ss/ - Straight Shotacon How to dump an entire directory. Supported file types are: GIF, JPG, PNG, WEBM Maximum file size allowed is 5120 KB. New and very hot straight shotacon 3D image pack. Cute and horny shota boys having fun with their mothers, sisters and mature women. Quality and detailed images, enjoy! Cute crossresser boy is enjoying strap-on sex games with his girlfriend 🙂 Also, you may like the other works by this author! 😉 Type: lolicon-shotacon 3D images. New and very hot yaoi shotacon 3D image set. Cute little horny model boys love to getting naked and showing their perfect young bodies and love to be hard fucked by. A pairing, seen mostly as yaoi in fanfiction/art, in which there is a young TEENd male engaged in a sexual act. Stands for "Shotaru Complex" in Japanese. See shotaru. File 13977507593.jpg. I remember once seeing a doujin of a bunch of boys peeing in their teacher once. Didn't save it, and cannot find it. So if you have it please. This pack contains all works from Habatakuhituji (hentai, lolicon, straight shotacon). Warnings: a lot of poop and pee scenes! Type: hentai, lolicon, straight . This huge 3D straight shota pack contains 7 mom-son themed stories, enjoy! 😉 Type: straight shotacon 3D comix | Author: Bonebob | 239 pics. File 001 - A Little Practice.jpg. Takes a little while but I think I've got it to a point that I'm satisfied. Will make more when RL allows me time :) Wondershota is daily updated. Subscribe and get new posts directly to your email!.