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2249 tweets • 357 photos/videos • 20.9K followers. "To whoever is trying to ban imageboards: open Chandora's Box and an ancient evil will awaken. Autism . And that's what I would love the take-away for my book to be: Work-life balance is tough for everyone, and it happens most when parents and nonparents . Aug 20, 2015. Journalists and anonymous users of forums like 8chan quickly dove into the. … from within and does its best to respect a work-life balance. The document ends by directing users to 4chan's politics message board, 8chan's The Bureau of Memetic Warfare, and Reddit's /r/The_Europe. [. ] The “ Great . Do NOT post anything from 8chan, wizardchan, and other unrelated. .. very good at managing their own work-life balance, which, to a large . 6 dage siden. Den neofascistiske alt-right-bevægelse var en af hovedkræfterne bag lørdagens demonstration i Charlottesville, hvor en moddemonstrant blev . “users to 4chan's politics message board, 8chan's The Bureau of Memetic Warfare,. . in getting into tech because of all of the demands of work-life balance ". Jobs 1 - 10 of 76. Wlb 8chan. Mar 7, 2017. It was the home of projects like The Sarkeesian Effect or 8chan,. .. from taking away a huge chunk of an employee's . May 22, 2016. Even though tumblr is usually linked to it's because it's an original 8chan 2chan post. permalink; save; parent. [–]WasARealBoy 80 points81 .. .